Vanzo Dreamy Land Hotel-Inspired Series Essential Oil Blend



First Hotel-Inspired Series Essential Oil 
Dreamy Land 

👍 Help to improve the air quality
👍 Enhance mood
👍 Reduce Stress

The top note is gentle tea fragrance, the heart note is lily of the valley, and the base note is the combination of tea and powdery aroma, releasing the relaxing feeling of tea scent vapour as if you are in a dreamy land.

Add 3-5 drops of essential oil to the diffuser. It helps to soothe tiredness and purify the air. 

Product Active Ingredient
Bergamot, Grapefruit, Tea, Lily of the Valley, White tea, Powder fragrance

Size: 10ml

⚠️ Flammable. Don’t use it near fire or high temperature.
⚠️ If eyes are touched, please wash them with plenty of water and go to see the doctor.
⚠️ Be aware to use it if you have sensitive skin or respiratory tract.
⚠️ Don’t consume. Keep it away from children or pets.
⚠️ Only use it with diffusers. Don’t use it in other ways.