VANZO Combo Deal 1 Diffuser + 1 Essential Oil



RM134.00 -12%

VANZO Negative Ion Aroma Diffuser 250ml 

👍 Releases 30 million negative ion
👍 Helps to clear airborne allergens: pollen, mold spores, bacteria, and dust particles. 
👍 Improve air quality.

Aroma diffuser
Fragrance permeates your home

Negative Ion Function (Release 30 million negative ions)
Provide you fresh air

Low Water Cut-Off Technology
Stay away from safety hazards - anti-burn

Portable & Rechargeable
Can be placed anywhere

Night light mode
Warm atmosphere experience

☑️ Water tank capacity 250ml; 
☑️ Built-in 2000mAh battery, supports wireless service;
☑️ Three modes:
           Continuously spraying,
           Spraying & Releasing negative ion alternately,
           Releasing negative ions only


VANZO Inspired Series Essential Oil 

👍 Help to improve the air quality
👍 Enhance mood
👍 Reduce Stress

First Hotel-Inspired Series Essential Oil 
V-Suite - The signature scent of the essential oil series 

Matching the warm and rich woody scent and texture with the warmth of sandalwood and the softness of vanilla, expressing gentle and kindness without losing the fragrance and ambiance of luxe hotels.

Nature-Inspired Series Essential Oil 
Dawn Forest

Absorbed the beauty of the vast land, wind, sun, dew, flowers, fruits, and trees to create a fabulously enchanting fragrance. Natural raw materials such as the lively scent of grapefruit, sweet pepper and pink pepper, geranium, and cedar are used to create a natural and relaxed, woody atmosphere.

First Hotel-Inspired Series Essential Oil 
Dreamy Land 

The top note is gentle tea fragrance, the heart note is lily of the valley, and the base note is the combination of tea and powdery aroma, releasing the relaxing feeling of tea scent vapour as if you are in a dreamy land.

Nature-Inspired Series Essential Oil 

Fields of blue gold lavender grow around Hokkaido, their relaxing scent bursts into the air as you walk through them. Bringing you calm and relaxation meanwhile enjoying your me time.