Vanzo Car Air Freshener (Gentleman Series)



Gentleman Series Black Code 

Endorsed by a Famous Hong Kong actor Louis Koo.
The top notes of citrus and the fresh rich woody notes show the elegance and maturity. Exuding the charm of a mature gentleman, with a luxurious and exquisite fragrance experience

👍 PU Leather & ABS packaging material
👍 Carefully crafted 132 times by handmade 
👍 The citrus scent of the top note and the fragrant rhyme of rich fresh woody fragrance 
👍 Elegant and mature with high-grade quality of texture 
👍 An exuding charm gentleman of the maturity level, luxurious and exquisite fragrance experience

Direction of Use
1. Take off the cover
2. Loosen and take off the ring
3. Remove the lid
4. Recover the ring and the cover
5. Enjoy the fragrance 

Active Ingredient
Fragrance, Organic Solvents, Deodorant, Bactericidal Assistant 

Size: 70ml

⚠️ Do not consume
⚠️ Do not put in the reach of children 
⚠️ Do not place it where it may block driving vision
⚠️ Do not put the product where the air bags pops up
⚠️ Please wash off with water if the gel is in contact with eye
⚠️ Please visit doctor if  the is gel is consume 
⚠️ Do not use near fire