Vanzo Car Air Freshener (Goddess Series)



Goddess Series White Musk & Rose 

Preserving the freshness of the rose buds and the tenderness of the first bloom, to the full bloom, three difference layers ofscents are refined,precious rose & finally throught presenting a whole white musk, the rose is perfectly set off & leaving a charming residue rhyme. 

Direction of Use
1. Take off the cover
2. Loosen and take off the ring
3. Remove the lid
4. Recover the ring and the cover
5. Enjoy the fragrance 

Active Ingredient
Fragrance, Organic Solvents, Deodorant, Bactericidal Assistant 

Size: 70ml

⚠️ Do not consume
⚠️ Do not put in the reach of children 
⚠️ Do not place it where it may block driving vision
⚠️ Do not put the product where the air bags pops up
⚠️ Please wash off with water if the gel is in contact with eye
⚠️ Please visit doctor if  the is gel is consume 
⚠️ Do not use near fire