Tamagosamin (Joint Health)



Containing World’s first iHA – a revolutionary ingredient that discovered from the eggs. Tamagosamin can effectively help to reduce joint pain and improve joint mobility.

Helps to induce HA production and regenerate cartilage cells around the joints. Ideal for person who experiencing JOINTS PAIN, STIFF JOINTS and LIMITED RANGE OF JOINTS MOVEMENT. Specifically for persons with Osteoarthritis (OA) condition. You will feel the differences after 14 days (taking everyday). For significant impact, we would recommend to take at least 3 months continuously.

Type I Collagen, Type II Collagen, Egg Shell Membrane , iHA (Egg Yolk Peptides), Vitamin C

Content: 300mg X 90 Tablets (per bottle)

Recommended daily intake: 3 tablets at once before breakfast with water; For serious condition: 4 tablets at once before breakfast (for first two months)

"My mum was supposed to have a knee replacement operation. However she refused. She could neither stand nor walk at all. I got to know this product through an advertisement. After some hesitation, I bought 3 bottles for my mum. Thank god, I made a right decision. She can start to walk slowly without any pain. Thanks Tamagosamin, for doing a miracle job for my mum." - Jess

"Sy belikan Tamagosamin for my mom and mother in law. in 2 weeks dah nampak hasilnya, dimana mak sy lebih mudah menunaikan solat (bagi org Islam) tanpa ada rasa sakit lutut lagi dan boleh melakukan solat seperti orang lain (sebelum ni mak sy solat sambil duduk). Pergerakan naik turun tangga juga lebih mudah sekarang tanpa mengadu sakit-sakit, lenguh dan sebagainya" - Fiena Said


Remark: Product contains traces of egg and seafood protein. Discontinue use or consult your doctor or healthcare professional if any adverse reactions occur.