Sterile Dressing Sets (3 forceps)



Disposable Dressing Set

Dressing Set is mainly used to clean wound and injury by doctors or nurses. This set was sterilized by EtO Sterilization. It consist of usable forceps with center lock and made of hard material so it can hold strongly while in the process. One limpet bag is use towards the end of the procedure to keep dirty material, so that it will be easier to dispose to avoid contamination.

3 Compartment Hard Tray x 1
Gauze Swab x 6
Forceps x 1
Cotton Ball x 6
Hand Towel x 1
Limpet Bag x 1 
Sterile Field Outer Wrap  x 1
Patient Drape x 1

👍 Sterilized by gamma radiation or EtO Sterilization.
👍 Sterility guaranteed unless package damaged or opened.
👍 Individual packing in paper/film pouch bag.
👍 5 years of expiry shelf life.
👍 Single time usage.