Sleepy Bio Natural Training Pants (Pull Up)




Sleepy Bio Natural Pull Up Training Pants 
Wetness indicator
👍 Flexible ears
👍 Outer surface woven with pure water
👍 Textile textured front tape
👍 Natural absorbency from natural bamboo
👍 Paraben, perfume, lotion & colorant free inner surface
👍 Organic cotton increases dryness performance
👍 Absorbent particles provide comfort to your baby 
👍 Milk protein in fabric layer on diaper's absorbent surface helping baby skin care
👍 Firm surface contain biopolymers made from sugar canes that produce O² by reducing CO²

Made in Turkey
✅ Compliant with the requirements of ISO 13485:2016
✅ Assessed by UKS and found to be in compliance with "According To Islamic Principals - HALAL PRODUCT" and "GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice"
✅ Vegetarian Certificate certified by The European Vegetarian Union

Pack Size:
28 Pieces x 1 Pack (Midi Size)
24 Pieces x 1 Pack (Maxi Size)
20 Pieces x 1 Pack (Junior Size)
16 Pieces x 1 Pack (XL Size)

4 - 10kg (Midi Size)
7 - 16kg (Maxi Size)
11 - 20kg (Junior Size)
15 - 27kg (XL Size)