New Style 3 Functions Foldable Seat Cane. Non-slip Walking Stick + Wide Chair Seat + Torch Light Handle with Adjustable Height [Fall Prevention for Elderly]




Our Portable & Lightweight Folding Seat Walking Stick / Cane has a comfortable ergonomic seat that provides you with a place to rest at any time. Equipped with a built-in LED light at the handle as a safety feature for night time use. Comes with anti-slip base, the height is also adjustable to fit users of different heights.

Walking canes or sticks are great mobility aids for individuals who do not require the full assistance of a walker or rollator. With a cane, it helps assist the user in getting up by supporting their weight.

Generally, walking aid or cane is meant to assist in balance and coordination. The benefit of a walking cane is in climbing and descending stairs. Secondly, it is ideal for assisting individuals from getting in and out of vehicles.

CaregiverAsia is offering exclusive bundles of Medpro mobility aids and professional training in the comfort of your home. 

Our qualified nurse trainers can teach you how best to use your new cane & to support someone using a cane. Proper cane usage can make walking safer and easier for you.

CaregiverAsia staff will contact you after purchase of the bundle to arrange training date and time.

Product Features

Ergonomic contour seat
Compact and lightweight aluminium body
Easy to fold, convenient for travel
Comes with LED Light as a safety feature for night time use

Product weight: Approx. 900 g
Maximum height: 34" (86 cm)
Tip size: 18
Maximum weight: 100 kg
Seat height from the ground when open: 50 cm.