MEDPRO Anti-Slip Floor Solution (Improved Extra Strong Formula for Toilet Tiles!)

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MEDPRO Anti-Slip Extra Strong Floor Solution for Toilet Tiles / All Tiles.
Prevent slip and fall accidents at home for your elderly parents!

Volume: 500mls
Color of Solution: Transparent
Application: 100mls for 1 square meter.
Average Singapore HDB Toilet size is between 5 square feet (500mls needed) to 7 square feet (750mls needed).

Fast and easy application within 15mins
Non-flammable clear liquid
No odour
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor tile areas
Meets HDB & BCA slip-resistance specifications
HACCP certified for use in food processing areas
MEDPRO Anti-Slip Floor Treatment Solution is a clear liquid that when applied to mineral floor surfaces, will create microscopic channels that enhance the anti-slip performance of tiles.

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