Home Based Wound Care Training

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This course will equip caregivers with the basic and essential knowledge and skills to better manage  wounds that require dressing. Participants will be taught using theory and hands-on practical session to ensure that caregivers are fully competent at the end of the course.


Package Includes:

  • One to One hands-on training at home
  • Handouts / Manual
  • Certificate
  • 3x30min post training live video call for Q&A valid for 2 months

The training will be done by certified professional nursing staff who have relevant experience in caring for the elderly both in the hospital and home setting. These trainers also have experience in handling skin care issues and wounds.

Training conducted in English or Bahasa Malaysia.


Programme Topics:

Topic 1 The Aging Skin & Managing Common Skin Problems
Topic 2 Phases of Wound Healing
Topic 3 Types of Wounds 
Topic 4 Wound Care Products & Dressing Techniques
Topic 5 Complication in Wound Care


*Price is subjected to 6% SST

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