Full Plastic Face Shield



Full Plastic Face Shield 
The face shield can protect against splashes of liquid. This reduces the risk of splashes infection. Due to its design, full protection against viruses, bacteria or other biological agents is only given to a certain extent. It doesn’t have protection against mechanical impact. 

Physical Features
☑️ Made of durable PET
☑️ Anti-fog properties on both side of the shield
☑️ Chemical resistant
☑️ Clear vision
☑️ Comfortable PU foam cushion

Product Material:
APET Material 

Intended Use: 
👉 Use to isolate bacterial, enhance better quality control 
👉 Widely use in food processing and general industry

DO NOT use for:
👉 Contact with heavy oils, sparks or flames
👉 Environment with conditions of excessive heat

Usage, Storage, Maintenance:
🔸 The face shield can protect the eyes from the danger of mechanical collision caused by small flying particles.
🔸 Please leave the workplace immediately if you feel dizzy or allergic caused the damaged of the eye protector.
🔸 The duration of use depends on various factors such as use, cleaning storage and maintenance.
🔸 Frequently inspection and replacement will have recommended if it is damaged.
🔸 The face shield can be combined with face mask. 

Keep the product in its original package. Do not put any weight on it. Keep it in a dry, fresh and ventilated area, sheltered from sunlight and away from chemical and abrasive substances. 

Cleaning and Disinfecting:
🔸 Don’t use abrasive materials.
🔸 Use soft cloth to wash and clean.
🔸 Use alcohol to disinfect the eye protection parts which are directly in contact with the skin.

Size: 220mm(width) x 360mm(Length)
Thickness: 0.3mm