Foldable Trusty Cane with LED Light & Adjustable Height




Trusty Cane is the one cane you can trust to provide secure, reliable support on any surface. Trusty Cane’s triple tread base is designed to improve stability for a more natural stride wherever you go. Trusty Can’s unique pivot lets the cane move with you while the triple tread base holds its grip. 

CaregiverAsia is offering exclusive bundles of Medpro mobility aids and professional training in the comfort of your home. 

Our qualified nurse trainers can teach you how best to use your new cane & to support someone using a cane. Proper cane usage can make walking safer and easier for you.

CaregiverAsia staff will contact you after purchase of the bundle to arrange training date and time.

Product Features

Aluminium alloy material
Foldable for easy storage
Stands on its own
Adjustable Height
3 Built-in LED lights on the handle (1 faces forward and 2 faces downward to illuminate your path)
Supports up to 250lbs
LED light uses 3 AAA batteries (not included)