Flexplus Duotens Pain Management Device

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TENS is effective treatment for pain relief and muscle tension.It is a natural method,safe, well-tested and very simple touse.The medical literature confirms the beneficial effects of TENS therapy on relieving acute and chronic pain soothing bodily fatigue in congested limbs and improving blood circulations in treated area.

Combination of TENS and EMS for muscle pain reliever and rebuilding (home physiotherapy).
AAA battery-operated.
Easy to carry (palm-size).
Natural relief of pain (no medicines).

Suitable for:
🙂 neck pain
🙂 back pain
🙂 migraine
🙂 arthitis
🙂 sciatica
🙂 limbago
🙂 post-herpetic neuralgia
🙂 headache
🙂 fractures
🙂 tennis elbow
🙂 muscular strains
🙂 sports injuries
🙂 menstrual pain
🙂 post-operative pain

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