Flexplus Air Ripple Mattress-ADJ E2500

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Therapeutic Mattress Support, Important for Pressure Ulcers Therapy.
✅ Prevents Formation of Bed Sores for Bed-Ridden Patient, also Relieves Burden of Care Giver
✅ Bubbles on A-B Lines Alternating Inflating Provides Superior Therapeutic Treatment


🔸 Mattress Dimension 200cm x 90cm, Materials PVC 0.32mm, Made of Durable Heavy, Low Toxic Premium Vinyl
🔸 Fixed Holk for Easy Fix on Bed Frame
🔸 24 Hour Quiet Operation, Quiet Pump Low Noise, Low Vibration, Low Temperature
🔸 With Knob For Easy Adjustment of Pressure
🔸 Simplicity, Reliability and Easy To Use. Quality Control ISO13485. 🔸 Suitable for Patient Below 110kg
🔸 Local Supplier Warranty 1 Year on the Pump

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