DRC Natural Tangerine Vitamin C (60's x 2)

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DRC is in its wholefood form which consists of patented Tangerine C-Plus® , Acerola Cherry, Sea Buckthorn Bioflavonoids. It uses exclusive Natural Delivery System (NDS) to concentrate nutrients in Protein peptide carrier and thereby deliver specific nutrient to cells. 

✅ High potency Complete Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids
✅ No additive. Gentle to gut
✅ Complete Vitamin C for all day protection
✅ Contains similar vitamin C molecular structure as compare to natural vitamin C in fruits & vegetables
Tangerine extract (Tangerine C-Plus® )  , Acerola extract, Sea Buckthorn extract

Content: 1000mg x 60 chewable tablets 
Recommended daily intake: Chew 2-3 tablets per day

*Box of 2 bottles

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