Dr. Smit's Momma's Belly Comfort

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Dr Smit's Momma's Belly Comfort, a Maternity Belt to relieve back pain and prevent post-delivery's saggy abdominal muscles. 

✅ One size fits all, regardless of size or shape. ( Avoid customer from choosing the wrong size)
✅ The only belt with Hot/ Cold gel provision in Asia.
✅ Slim belt, ideal for working women          
✅ Won't ride up/ roll down - High-quality material          
✅ Breathable material to reduce heat generated by the body during pregnancy.
✅ Can be used for postpartum recovery after normal / c-section delivery  
✅ Multipurpose usage (man with a big belly can use too)  
🔸 Colour: Black
🔸 Material: Spandex,Nylon,Polyester & Cotton
🔸 Length: 49 inches-Stretchable up to 67inches.
🔸 Elastic band attached behind the mesh: Hot/Cold Pack Pocket
 Approved by FDA (USA) & CE (Europe)  
 ☑ Tested & Endorsed by Doctors & Obstetricians  
🙂Support Lumbar, Abs & Hips region to relieve back pain.
🙂Fix pelvic instability caused by pregnancy hormones.
🙂Lift excess weight in the abdominal region to reduce strain over back muscles.
🙂Prevent overstretching of skin and minimize /prevent stretch marks
🙂Help to correct the posture of the body (Lumbar Hyperlordosis) by distributing the weight evenly. 
🙂Minimize risks of abdominal separation (Diastasis Recti) and prevent saggy abdominal muscles post-delivery.
🙂Provide optimal support during workout/prenatal yoga and  prevent sports Injuries.
🙂Hot / Cold pack pocket to reduce muscle pain/spasm.
🙂Tighten skin and assist abdominal healing in postpartum recovery.
🙂Improve self confidence & can be worn underneath clothes. (Slim Belt)

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