Clinell Alcholic 2% Chlorohexadine Skin 200pcs



Alcholic 2% Chlorohexadine Skin
Wipes for cleaning skin after dressing and plaster removal, especially where the dressing has caused dirt to develop. In certain countries outside of EU, it can be used as part of a medical procedure depending on the appropriate registration and local regulations e.g. as a pre-injection swab according to local regulations.

👍 Reduces risk of infections
👍 Individually wrapped wipes 
👍 Dermatologically tested: latex free, designed to be kind to skin
👍 Stronger cleaning power: effective in removing stubborn adhesive residue
👍 Scientifically proven: conforms to the Biocides Directive 98/8/EC
👍 Powerful cleaning formula: 2% chlorhexidine gluconate and 70% isopropyl alcohol

Direction of Use