Chitoheal Gel First Aid 20ml

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Primary wound care and treatment. 
Dr. Wound ChitoHeal Gel provides moist environment and attracts necessary cells including proteins for faster wound healing.

It forms secondary skin to protect the wound whilst reducing scars and keloids formation.

✅ Chitosan Biopolymer
✅ Antibacterial
✅ Reduces scarring and prevents keloid formation
✅ Promotes moist environment
✅ Forms secondary skin to protect wound
✅ Fast wound healing and closure
✅ Non-toxic and non-allergic

🔸 Episiotomy
🔸 Burns
🔸 Abrasion
🔸 Cesarean Wound
🔸 Minor Cut
🔸 Circumcision
🔸 Post-surgery Wound 
🔸 Acne Wound

1 - Clean the wound using sterile water or Silvosept Spray. Leave it to dry. (DO NOT dap it dry)
2 - Apply a layer of Dr Wound ChitoHeal Gel.
3 - Use a secondary dressing if needed. 

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