Cado Car Air purifier MP-C20U, Sliver



  • As small as a 500ml beverage can, MP-C20U catches PM2.5 without the slightest difficulty.
  • Elegant, and efficient, MP-C20U will clean sealed spaces such as sanitary rooms or inside a car as well as personal space such as around your desk.
  • Photoclea system automatically degrades and disposes of bacteria and chemicals that land on its surface - resulting in consistent, powerful absorption and performance.
  • Cado’s high-performance two-layer filters provide both high suction power, and the ability to filter out harmful particulates, pollen and dust.
  • Blue-light activated carbon filter coated with photocatalyst absorbs and decomposes harmful substances. Silver-ion antibacterial HEPA-type filter captures tiny particles and prevents the growth of viruses, fungi, bacteria, and other dangerous organisms etc.
  • Squeezed a single sheet of aluminum, MP-C20U features a gorgeous, seamless body. Its seamless body lessens vibration and noise.