Dr Wound Twin Pack (Silvosept + Chitoheal Gel)

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Twin Pack: Silvosept with Chitoheal Gel 

Silvosept Wound Spray
✅ Nano Colloidal Silver
✅ Effectively kills more than 650 microorganism (bacteria, fungus and virus)
✅ Non-drug and non-toxic
✅ Non-alcohol

ChitoHeal Gel
✅ Chitosan Biopolymer
✅ Antibacterial
✅ Chemoattractant properties
✅ Forms secondary skin
✅ Reduces scarring
✅ Reduces keloid formation
✅ Non-allergic

Care Steps for clean wound: 
1 - Spray with Silvosept Wound and leave to dry
      * DO NOT DAP
2 - Apply ChitoHeal Gel evenly
3 - Cover with secondary dressings

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