Actreen Lite Cath Tiemann (Bended Tip)




Pre-lubricated Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter (Bended Tip)

What is a Tiemann Tip?
Catheter is available with a Tiemann or Coude tip. Coude is French word that means bend and describes the shape of this curved tip. It is often a recommended option to use a curved tip to help the catheter navigate through the bends of the male urethra, especially when there is an obstruction from an enlarge prostate gland or a narrowing of the urethral passage.

Your doctor or nurse will have discussed if a Tiemann tip catheter is suitable for you and will have shown you how to position the tip ready for insertion.

How to insert a Tiemann Tip

Tiemann catheters should be inserted with the tip pointing upwards, in 12 o'clock position.

*only available in West Malaysia