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MYR20 / hour

ADL's, NGT feeding, Bed Bath, light massages, basic wound care, basic Physio, General care and Companionship. Able to accompany and drive patient for appointments.

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MYR25 / hour
MYR100 / hour

I am currently a practicing dietitian and I'd love to work together with you for personalized diet consultation on healthy eating, weight management, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, cancer management, tube feeding etc. 

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MYR12 / hour

I provide medical service such as dressing, feeding, serve medication, inserting ryles tube. I also provide babysitting and companion.

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MYR15 / hour
MYR18 / hour

I'm able to provide basic care to patients in hospitals or residents of long-term care facilities. I will as much try to ensure the quality of patient's life is maintained.

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