Yoga/Pilates/Zumba Singapore

SGD115 / session

One to One teaching

This caregiver 's average rating is Excellent (5.0 / 5).
SGD25 / session

Small group teaching (max 5 pax)

This caregiver 's average rating is Excellent (5.0 / 5).
SGD50 / hour

personal coaching for wellness exercise, qi gong , and tai ji quan by appointment. Group coaching in the morning/evening : wellness exercise, qi gong, and tai ji quan.

This Caregiver has been awarded a Silver badge, as part of the CaregiverAsia training accreditation program, after completing intermediary training sessions. Silver is the second tier of achievement in the accreditation program with subsequent tiers being Gold and Platinum.
This badge is awarded to a Caregiver who is current in Caregiving know-how by attending at least one training in the last 12 months.
Continuing Education
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SGD120 / session

There’re times the mind is willing but the body doesn’t respond to us (/the training we put them to). Habits and activities sometimes put us in a posture that are not optimal causing overuse muscles and tightness in the body. Dynamic stretches followed by joint mobility help to...

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SGD80 / hour

Carmen started practicing yoga since her undergraduate days, and hasn’t looked back since. Yoga was a mind-and-body workout for her: in finding her stillness through deep breathing exercises, it has also helped built her grit and flexibility through the multi-faceted asanas (poses). She has been...

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SGD70 / session

Sports Yoga is a challenging workout which will increase strength, muscle tone, energy and flexibility through dynamic movements. This session will assist you to improve body awareness and help you to build natural strength while reducing stress and tension, leaving you feeling invigorated.

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