Nutrition Consultation
We offer one-to-one nutritional coaching, taking into account your likes and dislikes, cooking ability and time tailored to your lifestyle. We will negotiate a realistic and 'do-able' strategy for improving your health which may be very effective in alleviating issues like weight gain, premature ageing and meals for special health conditions including where to access to new foods or we can shop for you! A Nutritionist can offer more specific dietary advice, if you are trying to eat more healthily or trying to lose weight or recovering from an illness, a good Nutritionist can explain which diets work and which don't and exactly why they do or don't work. More importantly, a well-trained Nutritionist is able to evaluate your dietary habits and calculate if you are having a nutritionally sufficient/balanced diet, offering practical tips and advices on how to improve your diet (eating more/less, eating different varieties of foods, suggesting new foods you might like etc) in such a way that you would be comfortable making these changes to your life.
SGD$120 / hour
Pp size 3837
Vivianna Wou (More Details)
Nutritional Consultation and Diet planning. Diabetes, Weight Loss, General well-being.
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What you get with this service
  • Nutrition Advice on Diet and Disease
  • Meal Planning
  • Targets and Achieve long term results
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Minimum duration 1 hours 0 minutes
Maximum duration 1 hours 15 minutes
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