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Postnatal Jamu Massage 5D
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Tips: Take warm bath before every session. To get pre-pregnancy body back use a gridle/corset after bengkung is removed. Recommended to follow up with my Signature Women Massage on the 2nd month after birth.  

After childbirth, a postpartum massage is necessary in the recovery to help relaxes muscles, pain relief, increase circulation and lymphatic drainage. The body will effectively process excess fluid, reduced swelling and restore balance, thus lower stress hormones, bringing both physical and emotional relief.

With a combination of traditional Javanese and Western techniques, plus a touch of Chinese Acupressure points, not only make you feel relaxed, will also help you regain your pre pregnancy figure.

5 Days Postnatal Jamu Massage package includes:-

*Postnatal Massage

*Abdominal Massage and Reposition of Uterus (Sengkak)

*Lactation (Bust Massage)

*Tummy wrap with a long Traditional Binder (Bengkung)

*Herbal mask on Forehead 

*Herbal mask on Tummy 

**Will come prepared with own massage bed & portions needed for the therapeutic massage. 

Total Duration per treatment: 75mins to 120mins (include setup and clearing)

** A surcharge of $20 for West Area (e.g. Jurong/Bukit Batok/Clementi)

*** Optional:

- Herbal Heat or Steam Therapy $38 (Tungku)

- Herbal Body Steam $38 (Herb infused Body Steams – Womb Care or Detox Beauty)

SGD648.00 / session
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Lynda Yusof
I am a certified therapist. I have completed several courses in massage therapy, including pre/post-natal massage,... (More Details)
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