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Sports massage is a type of deep tissue massage that the therapist works. As the words suggest, Sports massage is on the deep tissues and work all the way through the muscles. This type of pressure is efficient enough to release any newly formed or small knots and to stretch stiff muscles.

Weekly sport massage is recommended for athletes. Most elite athletes get at least one massage per week. For most amateur athletes who still take their sport and training seriously or regular gym-goers, once a week to once a fortnight is recommended. For most people who do regular light exercise once every two, three or four weeks is usually sufficient.

For elderly, we provide gentle sports massage or deep tissue massage with joints range of movement to promote circulation and to increase muscle stretch-ability and reduce muscle atrophy and contrracture.

SGD180.00 / session
Special rates apply
  • * SGD230.00 / session during public holidays.
  • * SGD230.00 / session from 20:00PM to 08:00AM or anytime on weekends.
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    Time Schedule
    • Minimum duration 1 hours
    • Maximum duration 1 hours 15 minutes
    • Advance Notice 48 hours (time required for acknowledging a booking)
    • Rest & Travel time 15 minutes (time required between bookings)
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