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Special Nutrition For The Elderly and People With Medical Conditions

Health Food Matters provides food products for the elderly and people with medical conditions. Some individuals might have special nutritional needs such as high- or low-protein, high-calorie, and additional hydration. Our products fulfill these needs. We also carry products that fulfil the texture requirements of people with swallowing difficulties. These individuals are unable to consume “regular” food and require texture-modification. Every item on the plate needs to be minced into tiny pieces or blended until smooth in order to prevent choking. Previously, there were no options available off the shelf other than baby food, which is nutritionally-insufficient for adults.

SGD$100 / session
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We are a team of professionals with many years of experience in the healthcare industry. We realise there are limited...
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  • Most of our products are soft and moist, requiring minimal to no chewing at all
  • Suitable for the elderly who have no teeth or people with swallowing difficulty
  • Many of our products contain a high level of nutrients per serving
  • We recently conducted a workshop for cancer patients and their Caregivers
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