Arts Fission - Everyday Waltzes For Active Ageing (21 Nov, 11am) Singapore

Everyday Waltzes For Active Ageing (21 Nov, 11am)
Wellness & Personal Care

Everyday Waltzes for Active Ageing is a wellness programme that turns mundane daily movements and gestures into creative dances to reinforce and expand senior participants' cognitive and physical abilities.

The orientation workshop is designed as a taster session that allows the participants to gain a quick feel of what a creative movement class entails. The session includes facilitators led movement warmup to build core muscles for balance, fluid arm and leg movements for ease of coordination, and deep breathing exercises to relax muscles and deepen stretches. The orientation workshop is open to all with no prior background or experience required.

ARTS FISSION is Singapore’s first incorporated professional contemporary dance company (charity with IPC status) and has collaborated with Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) since 2014 in providing creative movement training workshops for social and healthcare practitioners. The training programme includes basic facilitation skills in engaging senior participants through systematic creative movement curriculum that aims to develop dynamic physical and cognitive responses as well as ease in social interaction.

SGD350.00 / session
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Arts Fission
As the longest incorporated contemporary dance company in Singapore since 1994, ARTS FISSION has gathered a diverse... (More Details)
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