Wellness & Personal Care
These are care services provided in homes such as home cleaning, cooking and pet care for domestic animals. Personal care services include basic grooming as well as art, music and speech therapy for individuals.
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SGD$50 / hour

Having taught in MOE Schools for 10 years, I have worked with difficult children. Many of children have issues related to family, friends and relationships. I have coached and counseled both in one to one sessions and together with parents. If your child is having issues and you are not able to...

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Sally tan
SGD$20 / hour

Caregiver Sally Tan is a hardworking individual with 10 years of experience being a all rounder, a care companion, a babysitter and a cleaner. She has experience with children between the ages of 1 to 10 years old. She posses genuine love for both people and animals, concerning for their...

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Za caregiver asia 2017
SGD$80 / session
Za Elizabeth

As a Counsellor I will see you face to face to explore a difficulty you are having, distress you may be experiencing or perhaps your dissatisfaction with life, or loss of a sense of direction and purpose. I will listens attentively and patiently. I can empathize the difficulties and can help...

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Za caregiver asia 2017
SGD$20 / session
Za Elizabeth

As for Group therapy it can provide a support network and a sounding board. It can done by regularly talking and listening to others or using Expressive Therapy (Dance movement or Drama). Diversity is another important benefit of group therapy. People have different personalities and...

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Massage 2.1
SGD$88 / hour

I am an independent sports massage therapist who provide our signature sports massage treatment to athlete and treatment for sports injury condition such as tennis elbow, runner's knee and Achilles tendinitis. I also provide sport massage for clients with shoulder and lower back pain. Trigger...

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SGD$120 / hour

Counselling and coaching for people with mental/emotional, parenting/family and relationship/marital issues. I will help you to achieve mental health, personal freedom and happiness by understanding of self and others, through learning and practising William Glasser's Choice Theory. I can also...

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