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Therapy (Art, Music) Singapore

SGD150 / hour

With intervention, many have gained clearer self-identity & directions in life, recovered from insomnia, anxiety disorders, etc. Many parents were relieved from their children’s struggle with low self-esteem, insecurities, aggression, anger management, observation of boundaries,

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SGD52 / session

We are a specialist in providing active aging and mental well-being workshops for the elderly and patients with various brain related impairments such as brain injury, depression, Alzheimer's disease, Dementia and stroke. We are currently working with a number of rehabilitation centers in...

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SGD180 / session

I am a registered music therapist and PhD candidate that is providing music therapy services for: - adults with dementia, palliative care and mental wellness - children and infants with developmental delay and special needs

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SGD20 / hour

I'm Dianna, a 21-year-old currently pursuing a Diploma in Mass Communication. I have been doing art and music for quite long and can also sing, draw, and use illustrator and photoshop.

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SGD220 / hour

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SGD180 / hour