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I am Wendy Lum and I am the first and only person in Singapore to introduce and offer Sound Therapy using the harmonic Therapy Harp, I am also trained in Alchemy Crystal Bowls Gong and Flute Sound Healing. I facilitated my Sound Therapy sessions with other healing instruments such as the Crystal Lyre, Chimes and Drums too. I am certified with First, Second and Third Degree in Usui System of Reiki and also attained my AcroYoga Level 1 accreditation.



Sound Therapy Healing is an ancient healing practice that uses sounds of varying healing frequencies to restore one’s mind, body and spirit back to a state of balance. These healing or therapeutic frequencies and sounds are delivered via, live sound therapy sessions and a variety of sound healing tools or instruments that have a deep penetrating effect on the receiver, promoting healing and well-being. When vibrations in the sound waves travel through the body, they promote circulation, energy flow, rejuvenation and has been linked to a reduction in stress and anxiety. Taking a holistic approach to relaxation and healing, sound baths offer an escape from the everyday stresses of modern-day life, promoting self-discovery and reflection by placing the body into a deeply immersive, meditative state. This is not just an auditory experience—it’s like receiving a full body sound massage!



Profound relaxation

Decrease in stress, anxiety and depression

Improved sleep

Release of blocked emotions

An enhanced sense of wellness

Feeling more centered and balanced within

Quiets mind chatter

Positive impact on your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing

Helps you to cope with life's challenges vital energy flow, creativity, intuition

Heightened perceptions and sensations in the body

Deepening of the meditation experience Lower blood pressure


Quoting some of the reviews from my clients as below:

As always, Wendy always delivers am amazing Sound Therapy journey”

“Intense yet calming experience at the same time. Wendy is so friendly and answered every question that I had.”

“As usual Wendy delivers pure bliss with her Gong and Sea Drum. Love the sound of the waves and the Gong Sound Bath. Wendy has the gift of putting you in a state of deep relaxation which was just what I needed. A great session to rejuvenate your tired soul.”

“Wendy is helpful and informative! Enjoyed her session and felt totally relaxed afterwards.”

“Wendy was extremely nice and she made us feel very comfortable throughout the entire session, she also took time to explain about the Gong session, etc. thank you.”

“Wendy put a lot of work to prepare the session, she is very caring as well, thank you!”

“Wendy explains about the session and what to expect, so you never feel like you don’t know what to do. She also guides you through the session and it is very relaxing! Love it and would definitely recommend it.”

“Wendy is Super talented & I’ve attended multiple classes with her on different sessions. Would definitely love to be back for this.”

“Wendy was really friendly and shared a lot on the various instruments she used. Felt really good after the session too. Would come back again!”

“Wendy is immaculate with providing the best healing! I had an utterly relaxing time, just like how mediation does to some people.”

Please check with me on the avalaibility, thanks!


SGD160.00 / hour
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Wendy Lum
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