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Da Vinci Group’s Mental Well-Being Pillar

We are a specialist in providing active aging and mental well-being workshops for the elderly and patients with various brain related impairments such as brain injury, depression, Alzheimer's disease, Dementia and stroke. We are currently working with a number of rehabilitation centers in Singapore such as APEX, St Luke's, SWAMI Home, Kwong Wai Shiu, Ramakrishna Mission and Singapore Cheshire Home.
Why we choose clay:
a) Highest tactile cognition factor
b) Object permanence
c) Longevity
The three factors mentioned are the fundamental criteria we have instilled for a medium to be in line with the principles of Neuroeducation. Research has shown that clay is one of the few platforms available today, that is of greatest sensorial value.

SGD52.00 / session
Da Vinci Silver Line (DVSL) -
Da Vinci Silver Line (DVSL) is a premium mental well-being and active ageing services provider, whose mission is to... (More Details)
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