Home-Based Physiotherapy
Our Physiotherapists are trained to provide specialised rehabilitation for individuals with mobility concerns and difficulties. These difficulties could be due to stroke, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and respiratory disorders, as well as orthopaedic patients. Our Physiotherapists will assess and provide latest evidence-based therapy. For example, our Physiotherapists are able to recommend the following personalised care plans: (1) Preventive therapy programme, (2) Post-operative/hospitalisation rehabilitation and re-conditioning, and (3) Comprehensive fall risk management, etc. They will help to draw up meaningful and effective goals together with you.
SGD$199 / session
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NTUC Health Co-operative Limited . (More Details)
Care@home is a brand of NTUC Health Co-operative Limited (NTUC Health). NTUC Health is an NTUC social enterprise...
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What you get with this service
  • Specialized Neurological Rehabilitaton (Stroke, Brain & Spinal Injuries)
  • Post-operation / Post-hospitalization Rehabilitation and Reconditioning
  • Comprehensive Fall Risk Management
  • Specialized Pulmonary Rehabilitation (Respiratory Disorders)
  • Preventive Therapy Programme
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