Khung Hwa Mae Lee - prescribed therapy (non complicated case) Singapore

prescribed therapy (non complicated case)

to assist in limb-movement exercises to prevent contractures or minimise discomforts to relief blood circulation. Assist also in walking, stretching, strengthening body muscles etc. All forms of therapy must be prescribed by a doctor or a physiotherapist and or, a occupational therapist.

SGD80.00 / hour
Khung Hwa Mae Lee
I have been doing caregiving at home for five years. I am an HMI Institute of Health Sciences ("HMI-IHS") graduate... (More Details)
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Last service : 03 Feb 2017


Time Schedule
  • Minimum duration 1 hours
  • Maximum duration 1 hours
  • Advance Notice 6 hours (time required for acknowledging a booking)
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  • Select the available timings that are highlighted in green
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