Home Based Therapy Service
I am a trained therapy assistant from HMI-IHS, and I have clinical experiences. In this service, I will assess clients based on their previous medical record and mobility to customise appropriate massages and stretches for them this includes: -Upper and lower limbs strengthening and stretching -Arm, wrist and fingers exercises (to improve gripping) -Head and Neck Therapy and more. My sessions are usually an hour long. Please message me or contact caregiverasia if you would like to schedule an interview or book my service.
SGD$70 / hour
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Coron Hang (More Details)
My name is Coron and I'm a trained therapist assistant. I have clinical experience for my therapy services. I am...
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What you get with this service
  • Lymphatic Massages services available only on request and condition
  • Upper and lower limbs therapy exercise
  • Head and neck therapy in aid of alertness, swallowing and fluid intakes
  • Strengthening and stretching of body in aid to balance self
Time Schedule ( Please highlight on the calendar to create bookings )
Minimum duration 1 hours 0 minutes
Maximum duration 3 hours 0 minutes
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Happy Singapore 04 Apr 2017 10:35 AM

She was a lovely lady, her service was satisfactory.

Jonathan Singapore 08 Aug 2017 10:27 AM

She was very good. Would like to commend her for patience and meticulousness. Thank you Coron for the support you provided.