Speech and Swallowing therapy
www.beatricespeechclinic.com Beatrice Speech & Swallow Clinic is a speech therapy clinic providing diagnosis and treatment for speech, language, voice and swallowing difficulties. We serve clients across all ages, providing high quality personalized speech therapy sessions both in the clinic and at our clients’ home. Why choose us? 1) We are passionate about what we do and we want to use this passion to encourage, motivate and help our clients improve to the best of their potential. 2) Our many years of acute hospital experience with many challenging and severe cases have taught us to fight, persevere and not give up on our patients. 3) Driven by determination to help our clients improve, we combine traditional therapy techniques with new evidence-based approaches to tailor the best treatment plan for our clients. 4) We are not just providing therapy, we are here to understand our patients, build a bond with them, and genuinely care for them and their families. 5) Our sessions are enjoyable and we want to create a positive atmosphere during the treatment.
SGD$180 / hour
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Beatrice Teo (More Details)
As a fully registered Speech Therapist under the Allied Health Professional Council in Singapore, Beatrice Teo has...
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What you get with this service
  • Swallowing therapy
  • Language therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Voice therapy
  • Head and Neck Cancer Programme
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