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Pediatric Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Services / Conditions covered include: Early Intervention Developmental (Physiotherapy) Assessment Accurately screens children at risk or has developmental delay Developmental follow up/screening for children with high risk of developmental delay prematurity intrauterine growth retardation low birth weight family history of developmental delay traumatic delivery prolong NICU stay Neurological Physiotherapy Rehabilitation for a wide range of paediatric conditions, including Brain injury / Stroke Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy Gross motor delay General Motor delay Developmental delay Developmental coordination disorder or clumsy child syndrome Dyspraxia Cerebral palsy (including adults) hemiplegia monoplegia diplegia triplegia quadriplegia ataxic cerebral palsy athetoid cerebral palsy Post botox rehabilitation Hypotonia (decrease muscle tone) Hypertonia (increase muscle tone) Spasticity Degenerative neurological conditions spinal muscular dystrophy Spinal bifida Spinal cord injury Arteriovenous malformation Brain aneurysm Spinal cord aneurysm Genetic syndromes Down syndrome Rett syndrome Angelman syndrome Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Torticollis Flat head / Plagiocephaly Congenital talipes equinovarus (CTEV) / Club foot Congenital talipes calcaneovalgus (CTCV) Knee pain Shoulder pain Back pain Poor posture Low muscle tone Flat feet Recovery from fracture Increase thoracic kyphosis Intoeing gait / Pigeon Toe Chest / Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy Chest physiotherapy training for caregivers Chest physiotherapy services for children (and adults) Postural drainage Breathing exercises Pain Management Home Physiotherapy All therapy sessions are usually 45 minutes long or as child tolerates it. Each session consists of assessment( or re-evaluation), therapy, home activities and parent education. All sessions are play-based and focused on activities for each individual or activities to be done at home. Parent/caregiver involvement is crucial for any improvements to be seen.

SGD150.00 / session
Special rates apply
  • * SGD180.00 / session during public holidays.
  • Aneesa Ansari
    Aneesa is a fully registered paediatric physiotherapist with close to a decade's worth of experience. She has vast... (More Details)
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    Time Schedule
    • Minimum duration 30 minutes
    • Maximum duration 1 hours
    • Advance Notice 12 hours (time required for acknowledging a booking)
    • Rest & Travel time 2 hours 30 minutes (time required between bookings)
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