Special Needs (Children) Singapore

SGD$50 / hour

I can provide nursing care for newborns with special needs such as checking on NGT placement, tracheostomy and oral suctioning, tube feeding as well as other newborn nursing needs.

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SGD$65 / session

I will provide one-to-one therapy sessions, which includes floor time, scaffold lessons, life skills and curriculum work.

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SGD$20 / hour

Your child's safety and well-being is of utmost importance to me. If need be, I am able to clothe, wash and feed them.

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SGD$60 / session

I am experienced in caring and training special needs individuals (intellectually or physically) and have been in the social service sector for 10 years. I am also able to provide caregiving or sitting services as well as training sessions at your home, which is the best and natural...

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SGD$30 / hour

I have experience in caring for special needs children as my younger brother suffers from neurological disorders. Throughout my life, I have been caring for him sporadically and volunteering at his school with his teachers when I was younger. I also have experience in special needs care that is...

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SGD$60 / hour

I have around five years of working experience working with children with special needs in special education schools. I am able to provide coaching and guidance to children with ADHD and Autism. I am also able to provide literacy and numeracy teaching to students studying in special education...

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