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Pre- and Post Surgical Rehabilitation
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Surgical rehabilitation refers to the recovery process that you will embark on either immediately before or directly after surgery. Physiotherapy before surgery helps to optimise your physical function and speed up your recovery, Post-operative rehabilitation helps to reduce the risks of complications and enhance the healing and recovery process, allowing you to return to independence.

About Our Therapist

Marcus is a licensed Physiotherapist with the Allied Health Professions Council and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Science (Physiotherapy) with Honours jointly awarded by the Singapore Institute of Technology and Trinity College Dublin. He has experience working in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and day rehabilitation centres, providing quality physiotherapy services in a variety of areas such as: neuro-rehabilitation, geriatrics, pediatrics, orthopaedics, palliative care and dementia care.

Nicole graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy (Hons) from the University of Bradford (UK) and is a licensed Physiotherapist with the Allied Health Professions Council. She has worked in both public and private hospitals as well as private physiotherapy clinics. She previously was an adjunct lecturer teaching topics related to Gerontology and is certified in DMA clinical pilates, OMT dry needling and RockTape. She has had the experience of providing both home and clinic services in musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary, neuro-rehabilitation areas of physiotherapy.


Q: Who can benefit from home rehabilitation?Rehabilitation is a set of interventions designed to optimize function in individuals. Home rehabilitation can benefit individuals who suffer from acute to chronic pain, recent discharge from hospital due to surgery or acute illness, as well as those who suffer from chronic conditions and wish to maintain/ optimize their health.

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