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Pre Natal Fitness

A mix of modified pilates, strength training and gentle stretching. Modifications for every stage of your pregnancy - not simply based on 'weeks', but individualised so that any symptoms can be managed to ensure safe and effective training. Workout focuses on on pelvic floor connection and FUNCTION. - Diaphragm - learning how to breathe correctly. A better breath connection makes using breath during labour much more accessible. - Transversus abdominus connection - the deep core muscles that hold us all together and are responsible for preventing, or healing, diastasis recti (exaggerated ab separation). - Strengthen the stabilising muscles, including glutes, to protect lower back, hips and pelvis as baby grows.

SGD85.00 / session
Kavitha Lakshmanan
A former primary school teacher, Kavitha embarked her fitness journey first through Singapore Sports Council’s FIT... (More Details)
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Time Schedule
  • Minimum duration 1 hours
  • Maximum duration 1 hours 15 minutes
  • Advance Notice 6 hours (time required for acknowledging a booking)
  • Rest & Travel time 1 hours 15 minutes (time required between bookings)
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