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Best Cesarean (C-section) scar management
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Managing a C-section scar does not stop at "nice and flat"

a C-section involves cutting through layers of skin, fats and tissue in order to reach the baby for delivery. While we see the results of the wound healing through the superficial scar that we see - we are not able to see the affected underlying skin, fats and tissue healing together as one 'clump'. This clump, depending on what structure has been 'stuck' together with it, may cause associated body aches such as unexplained shoulder pain, discomfort or tightness during body movement as time goes by and needs management.

Using the S.T.R.A.I.T Method , trained practitioners can assist in revising the 'clump' underneath back into the original layers, possibly reducing unexplained pain/discomfort that women experience for days, months, years after a C-section surgery.

At Heartland Rehab Occupational Therapy, we can help you manage your C-section scar, preventing future unexplained pain, or reducing current unexplained pain. This service is open for mothers with C-section scar of at least 10 weeks and beyond.

SGD150.00 / session
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Kin Sing Say
Kin Sing has worked for over 10 years as an occupational therapist, spending a large part of her career helping set... (More Details)
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