Post-Delivery Services Singapore

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SGD$40 / hour

To teach the right way breastfeeding baby and the right time to do so. The correct method to keep baby's body clean and dry so as to prevent sores. Also to avoid nappy rash. Guide the new mum the correct way to carry the new born while feeding and when to burp baby. Special attention to...

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SGD$35 / hour

Antenatal care training for new mum. How to breastfeed The right way to bathe the new born baby Special care to the umbilical cord of baby. Train the new mum on Nutritional diet

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SGD$270 / session

Antenatal care training on breastfeeding for new mum. Antenatal care training on proper ways to bathe a new born baby. Antenatal care training on taking care of umbilical cord of new born baby. Antenatal care training on Nutritional diet. One session is 3 days, for 2 hours a day.

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Li li
SGD$48 / session

- Assist and teaching of caring of new born - Education on taking care of new born and breastfeeding - C-section wound care - Management of breast engorgement

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Baby 8
SGD$2,300 / month

Lim May Bee, or Auntie May is one of the more experienced confinement nannies we have. She has been providing confinement care services for the past nine years and still brings the same passion she had from the start as well as her expertise in postpartum care to each new family who engages her....

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SGD$21 / hour

I have been a private nurse for patients on walking epidural in the labour ward. I have also had experience caring for the postnatal mum and newborn, assisting with baby bathing, caring of the umbilical cord, supervising breastfeeding, bottle feeding and burping of the newborn.

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