Susan Ai Tou Lim - Postnatal Care Singapore

Postnatal Care

Antenatal care training for new mum.
How to breastfeed
The right way to bathe the new born baby
Special care to the umbilical cord of baby.
Train the new mum on Nutritional diet

SGD35.00 / hour
Susan Ai Tou Lim
I am a certified midwife with the Midwives Board, Singapore (License Number: N6502112A). I have 46 years of extensive... (更多)
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  • step by step training
  • Awareness of personal hygiene while caring the new born baby
  • Special attention to details of baby/ nursery management.
  • Features and Benefits of Nutritional Diet
  • Engaged the new mum to be mentally prepared for the new born child.
  • 最短持續時間 3 小時
  • 最長持續時間 6 小時
  • 提前通知 12 小時 (確認預訂所需的時間)
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