Palliative Care Singapore

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SGD$100 / session

I have had 25 years of experience in nursing care, of which 10 years was spent delivering the care in home. I am able to assist doctors and therapists on housecalls, as well as to independently monitor health signs of the patient. I can also fulfil caregiving duties such as grooming and bathing...

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SGD$200 / daily

- Wound care - ADL - Trachy Care - Palliative Care - Dementia Care - any other nursing services

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SGD$30 / hour

I am a healthcare professional working in a hospice. I have a lot of experience taking care of terminally ill patients. Being a caregiver to a terminally ill patient is incredibly challenging both physically and emotionally, and oftentimes a respite is needed. I can serve medications, do NGT...

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SGD$25 / hour

I have experience with caring for patients with terminal illnesses. I have a deep knowledge of the various medication and how to administer them. I treat all my patients with care and patience, never failing to form a strong bond with them through my care.

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SGD$20 / hour

A professional nurse who is kind and wants to help those in need. Has 4 years of experience in nursing, mainly focusing on medication, ADL, nursing and dressing. Is able to provides services Dementia Care, Home Nursing, Nurse Aides and Palliative Care. Fluent in languages such as English,...

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