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Palliative Care

I am a healthcare professonal working in a hospital, nursing home and disability home for children through which I have gained valuable caregiving experience till end of life stage. I am able to serve medications, vitae signs, end of life stage 24 hours, and do NasoGastric Tube (NGT) feeding. As a compassionate and loving person who loves being around with elderly folks and children, I am looking for session-based and part-time opportunities as a medical check-up escort or home companion for the elderly, children or disability children with good references.

SGD25.00 / hour
Special rates apply
  • * SGD27.00 / hour during public holidays.
  • * SGD26.00 / hour from 20:00PM to 08:00AM or anytime on weekends.
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    Shirley Yap
    Experience in taking care of my elderly up to 100 years old and children 👴🏻👵🏻👶🏻🤭🧚‍♀️🤟💓💖🙏🏻 (from Level A to Level E... (More Details)
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    Service(s) Provided
    • Day/Night Care for Your Beloved Elderly Parent or Child
    • Medical Escort Services
    • Counselling/Befriending/Intervention Services
    • Palliative Care/Bucket List Check Off
    • Infant Care Services/Babysitting Services/Dementia Care
    Time Schedule
    • Minimum duration 8 hours
    • Maximum duration 12 hours
    • Advance Notice 12 hours (time required for acknowledging a booking)
    • Rest & Travel time 1 hours (time required between bookings)
    How to make a booking
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