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Hello! My name is Han and I'm a patient care executive with 1 years of working experience in a private neuro surgery clinic. I've been exposed to mostly with neurological, nerve, spine, stroke,dementia, Parkinson's, tumour & cancer patients and palliative care. I also have experienced as caregiver for almost 2 years. I had done caregiving for my pastor (3rd stage NPC cancer) for about 6 months and my friend terminal stage stomach cancer for about 3 weeks at hospice. Had exposed to Renci, St Joseph, Nuh, Gleneagles and Mount Elizabeth hospital care nursing before. I have a compassionate heart to provide my service to the senior and the needy. I am able to converse in English, Mandarin, basic Hokkien and Hokchiew. In my free time I like to watch my drama series & movies, Swimming and spend time with my family.

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Zihan Lim
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