Khung Hwa Mae Lee - nursing care (non clinical) Singapore

nursing care (non clinical)

check blood sugar, blood pressure, remind them to take medication, for the difficult ones, try to grind into powder form and put into their meals....

SGD20.00 / hour
Khung Hwa Mae Lee
I have been doing caregiving at home for five years. I am an HMI Institute of Health Sciences ("HMI-IHS") graduate... (More Details)
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Last service : 03 Feb 2017


Service(s) Provided
  • help patient to practise personal hygiene and keep clean
  • help to check blood glucose and blood pressure
  • drain urine bags and or diapers
  • do simple exercises for better blood circulation
  • clean mouth with swab and dentures with the correct solution
Time Schedule
  • Minimum duration 3 hours
  • Maximum duration 12 hours
  • Advance Notice 6 hours (time required for acknowledging a booking)
  • Rest & Travel time 1 hours (time required between bookings)
How to make a booking
  • Select the available timings that are highlighted in green
  • Click and drag within the green slots on the calendar to book
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