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Medical Escorts for the Elderly

Such visits may at times take half a day and most of you may have work or immediate family commitments to juggle. We will be reachable by phone at all times during the visit and are able to handle wheelchairs, toilet breaks and meal times. Most of all, we'll be good company to them. Taxi/transport fare not included. Call for time slots not shown.

SGD$25 / hour
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Tina .
Our team consists of Singaporean ladies (and a Maltipoo) who are matured & dedicated to helping the elderly. We speak... (More Details)
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Service(s) Provided
  • Replace you if you're the escort but have to leave for work halfway thru
  • Help elderly sort documents needed for current and future visits
  • Update you on medication if you are a distance caregiver
  • Explain to the elderly the goings on of the appointment
  • Convey your notes to the doctor and vice versa
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Happy Singapore 07 Jul 2016 15:12 PM

It's never easy looking after a non-verbal autistic teenager. I made a booking for Tina, but on the first day that Tina's group of caregivers were engaged to provide respite care, they had to leave - he had suddenly gone into an epileptic seizure and required a different type of care for the day. However, Tina has a good heart. She's really good and I was really touched. Because Tina had already committed, she decided to avail me of the benefits at the next session - it is nobody's fault that the boy had a seizure on the appointed day. So Tina's group of caregivers dropped by on another day. The specific caregiver in question - Mark - helped care for the boy for some 5 hours to allow me to carry out other urgent duties.