HAIKHAL ADAM - Competant Nursing Care (Includes home care and elderly care) Singapore

Competant Nursing Care (Includes home care and elderly care)

Currently working in Tan Tock Seng Hospital A&E, I have equip myself with the outstanding knowledge of performing nursing duties. I provide a competent level of skills such as wound cleaning and changing of dressing as well as the following:

- Changing and performing diaper turn for patients.
- Assisting in showering of patients.
- Bandaging of fractures.
- Administering IM injections
- Assisting in feeding, which includes NGT feeding and many more

Do not hesitate to engage my service.

SGD18.00 / hour
In 2009, I graduated from Nursing in ITE. I am a male Enrolled Nurse who stands at 1.82m, physically well-built and... (More Details)
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Service(s) Provided
  • Experience in TTSH A&E
  • Changing and performing diaper turn for bedridden male patients
  • Wound treatment /changing / washing
  • Administering of medicines ( IM injection ) / feedings and ngt feeding included
  • Speak english & malay
Time Schedule
  • Minimum duration 3 hours
  • Maximum duration 12 hours
  • Rest & Travel time 1 hours 30 minutes (time required between bookings)
How to make a booking
  • Select the available timings that are highlighted in green
  • Click and drag within the green slots on the calendar to book
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