Christina Wu Suan Poh - Registered Staff Nurse Singapore

Registered Staff Nurse

I was an Operating Theatre Scrub Nurse, Nurse Educator & Staff Nurse  in the Operating Theatre for 11 Years . 1992 to 2003, I have been doing floor duty ward duty as & when I have off days or on leave in nursing agencies From 2003 to Present I am a full time Freelance Home Private Staff Nurse to MENA, Sr Choy Nurse Agency & Nicole Consultancy Pte Ltd. I have been doing full time Registered Staff Nurse taking care of mainly young to elderly care patients from trachy, aspiration pneumonia, fracture, dementia, palliative care, cancer, End stage renal failure, dialysis pt , diabetic Medical & Post Surgical patients, etc etc i am able to provide a range of nursing care including nasogastric tube feeding, pump feeding, PEG feeding, stoma & wound care, bedsore, assist in ADL, Suctioning. Care of Indwelling catheter, medicine administration, I/m, S/c injection, insulin injection, Care of PICC line & dressing etc

SGD25.00 / hour
Special rates apply
  • * SGD60.00 / hour during public holidays.
  • Christina Wu Suan Poh
      1992 to 2003, I have been doing floor duty ward duty as & when I have off days or on leave in nursing... (More Details)
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    Service(s) Provided
    • NGT , Pump, PEG Feeding
    • Stoma, Wound, Bedsore wound care
    • Assist in ADL, care of indwelling , in/ out urinary catherter
    • Tracheostomy Care & Suctioning
    • Intramuscular & Subcutaneous injection, Antibiotic Injection via PICC Line, Care
    Time Schedule
    • Minimum duration 8 hours
    • Maximum duration 12 hours
    • Advance Notice 12 hours (time required for acknowledging a booking)
    • Rest & Travel time 3 hours (time required between bookings)
    How to make a booking
    • Select the available timings that are highlighted in green
    • Click and drag within the green slots on the calendar to book
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